Frequently asked Questions:

What is the eligibilty for admissions?
18 years of age with eligibility criteria as per the course.

Where may I purchase an application?
You may purchase an application by calling The MKU Distance Education Study Center, USA at (410)326-8080 or send us an email to

What are the requirements for admissions?
Two passport size photographs, two copies of all necessary transcripts, marksheets, transfer certificates and a form of ID (either the photo part of your passport or a driver's license) The Admission fee is to be paid along with the submission of your paperwork.

What is the application fee?
The application fee is $100 including fee for shipping and handling. The application fee is non refundable. 

How and when do I receive my study materials?
Once the application process is finalized by the MKU, the ID card and study materials will be mailed by MKU to the Study Center. The Study Center in turn will mail out your course materials and ID card.

How long does it take to receive the study materials?
Anywhere between 60-90 days or sooner. All study materials are issued by MKU in India and we might experience a slight delay occasionally due to the transit time. 

Do you have payment options?
Yes, you may call the Study Center at (410)326-8080 to set up a payment plan.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards and checks with proper ID.

Is there a refund policy?
Once your tuition fee has been remitted to Madurai Kamaraj University, it will not be refunded. If MKU declines an admission, only then will the fee be refunded. All disputes are subjected to the Madurai Jurisdiction only.

Where do I receive my degree from?
The degree is conferred directly by the Maduari Kamaraj University in India. The University Grants Commission of India has conferred the status of UPE (University with Potential for Excellence) on Madurai Kamaraj University. NAAC has
re-accredited Madurai Kamaraj University with A Grade (89%).

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